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Moffa's Farm contains the oldest home in Gloucester Township, and possibly in Camden County.  The farmhouse (which has recently been added to the Historic Register for the State of New Jersey and for the Nation) has been officially deemed the Historic Robert Marshall home.  The home is estimated as being built around 1708 or earlier (  The home and property was most likely owned at one time by the Chew family.  The Chew family owned another home in Blenheim, known today as the Chew-Powell home.  This home is down the road from Moffa's Farm on Good Intent Road.  The Chews gave their daughter, "Charity Chew (1686-1739)", the Moffa farmhouse on the day of her wedding to "David Wainwright (1685-1720)" as a gift (  This Chew family is the same Chew family to which the town of Chews Landing in Gloucester Township recieves its name.  A later descendant of these early Chews is Aaron Chew, who was a local patriot with the Gloucester County Militia (Camden County was a part of Gloucester County at this time).  At this time, the author is researching the Robert Marshall connection to the site.  During the 30's-80's the farm was owned by the Moffa family, who operated a restaurant at the site.  They sold the land and home to a new family, who lost the property to Gloucester Township through financial problems.  MORE TO COME SOON